Friday, 2 May 2008

Friday is a glad day

Yay! The weekend is nearly with us. Just one more day of work to get through and then I can go back to sleep. I have been needing a lot of sleep this week for some reason. Mostly because I have been feeling sad a lot which becomes quite wearisome after a while. Not sure why I have been feeling sad either - maybe I have just been struck by the melancholy but either way all I have really done this week is work, knit a little and sleep. I went to bed at about nine both wednesday and thursday night with a hot water bottle and I keep waking up feeling almost as tired as when I went to bed which is the annoying part of it all.
All of this makes for quite a boring post I have to say. The only really notable thing that I have done that I can think of is turning out to vote yesterday evening. It was quite uneventful however. Turn up, give number, give address, take paper, tick box, fold paper, post vote, leave. One good thing though was that I bumped into one of my friends from my knitting group who had been away ill. I got to see that she wasn't dying and heard all about her planned trip to Venice. She and her husband are going by rail which sounds lovely. I've always had a fancy to do the trans-Siberian or orient express routes. Just think of all the knitting that you could get done whilst the scenery travels by. I always picture that kind of journey in a very 1930's black and white style. How romantic, sigh, but then common sense kicks in and tells me that I'd get bored after a while. Maybe I'll just stick with the fantasy...

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