Thursday, 22 May 2008

Lettuce picking

Managed to get home on time from work for once yesterday which was just wonderful as it meant that I got a bit of afternoon sunshine and the time to sit down in the back garden and re-pot all my seedlings. Most of my plants are doing really well which is just great and some of them are doing even better than that. I have a ton of tomato, cucumber and lettuce plants which needed splitting up and moving around. Nearly all of the seeds that I put out sprouted and you are supposed to take out the weakest seedlings but all of mine seemed to be doing well and there were no obvious losers so I've separated them out and given each of them their own pot and we shall just have to see how they do now. I could potentially end up with about 50 tomato plants but I figure that I will be able to re-home them if needs be. The lettuces proved to be more difficult to sort out however. I tried thinning the seedlings but they are closely packed and when you try and poke around to find the base of a small one amongst all the others you end up damaging them as they are very delicate. After swearing a bit and trying to think of cunning methods to employ I figured that the best way to thin them would be to eat them. So we are going to pick off a few leaves from the lettuces at the edges of the rows every day for our sandwiches which should thin them whilst at the same time providing us with an ongoing crop. Both the husband and I were tickled pink that we are able to harvest something from our garden so soon after planting it all out and we had to spend a few minutes proudly inspecting both the leaves and the finished sandwiches. The husband gets to eat them today at lunchtime so I shall have to remember to ask him how they tasted. Fresh baby salad leaves should be yummy.

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