Friday, 9 May 2008

It was so good

The gig last night was AMAZING! There was a relatively tiny crowd so I got to stand right at the front with free space all around me. I can't believe it didn't sell out- but then I don't think it was well publicised. Not that I mind in the least as it was the best gig I have ever been to (and that's saying something).
Also, I had the best opportunity I have ever had to meet Jesse but completely chickened out of the whole thing and had to remain at a good 10 metres distance or be sick. But the wonderful husband went up, bought me a t-shirt and got it signed for me. It's now hanging up in the bedroom at home so that when I lie in bed in can see the writing on the back. But it's okay as I figure that I can sort of work up to it as I'm going to be going to Jesse's gigs as long as he keep playing them.
In the meantime I shall continue to worship at the alter from afar.
Mmmmm, look at the beautiful man....

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