Friday, 16 May 2008

Dr Who + Knitting = Upset BBC

Guardian article
The Australian article
The Sun article(!)
And finally, get the inside scoop from the person in question (not that it is all that enlightening if you read any of the three articles previous to this).

For those of you that can not be bothered to read through all the stuff above and want to know what on earth I have gotten myself all excited about then let me enlighten you.
Basically what happened was this: Avid fan creates Dr Who characters (from new series) using their gift of knitting. Patterns were posted on the Internet for free but covered by the legal bit of thingy that means you couldn't sell the pattern or the stuff you make from it so as to preserve the BBC's intellectual rights. Some twit then sells a pattern or toy and BBC (rightly so) get a bit cross about this BUT in a typical over-reactionary fashion they then tell said person to remove all their patterns from the Internet. And it's not even like they where all that great- I mean they were cute and you could tell what they where if you'd ever seen the program but not to the point where they were exactly like the program.
It's all very, very, silly.

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