Monday, 19 May 2008

Birthday treat

My birthday present from the husband was part 1 of the course of 'Design your own knits' which I attended last Saturday at the shop Get Knitted in Brislington/Bristol. I won't go on about the course too much as it was only covering the basics of converting tensions into sizes and that kind of thing but I simply have to enthuse about the shop. It was easily the biggest knitting store I've been into in this country. John Lewis has knitting sections that get pretty big but they don't have the same kind of range as this store. So great range, spacious arrangement, comfy sofas to stop and have a sit down on, free tea, coffee and filtered water, free biscuits and sweets (!), toilet, huge pattern section, amazing range of needles and accessories inc. all the hard things to find like knitpicks, wooden dpns & circulars and massive range of wool (I did mention that already but I really was astounded- they even had some of the more hard to get American yarns in store and in large enough quantities that you got to choose the colour you wanted! For example, both Lorna's Laces and Wildfoote could be found in store!!!). The prices aren't cheap but rather are fair if that makes sense. It's not somewhere I would go looking for bargain wool but if I had money to treat myself or wanted something in particular to fit a pattern then this is the place to shop. I'm a bit against their website as I don't find it the easiest to navigate and it's very pink which gets my back up before I've even begun but I can see myself tootling off for a day trip in the car to the store sometime soon as it only took a couple of hours to get there.
I will report more on how the course went in a separate post as I want to put up a couple of pages of my sketches to help explain what I'm going on about!

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