Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Celebrity spot

Ooooh, Steve Backshall has just hopped his way through our department. My ex boss Dr. George McGavin has just been touring the museum with him and stopped by on his way through to get his post. Steve had to hop as he is on crutches at the mo after hurting his back in a climbing accident which increases the aah! factor somewhat and lets the girls get a better look at his arse.
Which they all did I should just point out. We have a few volunteers and visitors in today, all of which are female and all of which burst into fits of giggles after Steve left. I should just point out though that I attempted to remain unimpressed and true to who has to be my default TV hunk, George, as I would feel as though I was betraying him otherwise. We entomologists have to stick together don'tcha know.
For those of you who have no idea who I am talking about then tut tut. You should have been watching 'The Lost Land of the Jaguar' on wednesday evenings (set in Guyana). It was the follow-up series to Expedition Borneo which was out last year. George has been on both; demonstrating both how wonderful insects are and how mad entomologists can be. They are set to do a third series in Papua New Guinea but they have to wait for Steve's back to get better. I think the phrase that they use in 'the business' is 'man candy'- and they couldn't be doing without that now could they?

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