Friday, 15 August 2008

Scotland ho!

I think that this is the first time that I have posted on my blog from another country. How cool is that? Very cool that's what, and not only because its a bit parky up here.
The journey up yesterday was a long one. It took over 2 hours to get out of the Oxfordshire area alone. Luckily the roads after that where nee too bad (as they say roond here). It did allow me to get some knitting of the Olympic jumper done which was an absolute bonus. I am now almost halfway through the front piece and about to go and add a few more rows whilst watching the husband and brother-in-law compete via the x-box. (Thank goodness for the knitting otherwise I'd be bored stupid watching that. It's some kind of tedious racing game with whiny engine noises. Blurgh).
Today has been disappointing in all other respects as well I have to say. We had a nice long lie in but I kept waking up with my bad arm throbbing as its a completely different kind of mattress. Where ours is firm and foamy this one is squishy like a marshmallow and full of springs. Every time I lie on it I kinda slither into the position set by the mattress rather than the comfortable one I was aiming for. I'd get used to it after a while but we are only here for a couple more nights so no chance on this trip. As long as it doesn't have any permanent effects then I can cope (crosses all fingers and toes firmly). After the lie in I hustled the husband up and out of the house to visit Troon. I wanted a nice walk round with a chance to pop in to all the charity shops and the nice wool shop along the way. The first thing that went wrong was the weather. The clouds have been really low and the light is coming in at the right angle to be glare so you have to walk around with a squint to be able to see anything. I then discovered my favourite charity shop had shut (I got a lovely green cashmere French connection cardigan from there last time. It's styled in a kind of french 1920s way with buttons on the collar rather than down the middle- and it only cost £3!), along with the wool shop. We found a nice sweet shop that sold handmade tablet and sweets from jars. The atmosphere was somewhat spoiled when the lady behind the till told us that she kept misplacing her macaroon cutting knife because she hid it in case some undesirable teenager tried to steal it. It really didn't get any better after that as we made a quick run to Prestwick so I could see the wool shop there only to find that that had shut as well!!!
So now I shall knit and try and re-establish the happy bubble. We are going to Glasgow tomorrow to see a friend and if I have my way about it, a wool shop as well. Maybe third time lucky?

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