Friday, 8 August 2008

The hole tooth

Progress report- my tooth is feeling much better thank you very much. It still hurts a bit as the antibiotics haven't had a chance to kill off all of the germs yet but the inflammation seems to have gone down a lot. I no longer speak with a lisp! I think this is mostly due to the dentist chopping away some of the gun around the tooth with a water jet. It's one of those new fangled gadgets that have made their way into surgeries around the country- I think dentists are just massive geeks really. In the bad old days they'd just get on and do whatever the hell they wanted without a thought for things like pain relief. The new wave dentist however has some much electronic equipment and gadgetry at their disposal that you can't move for a blip or a hum but it has made a huge huge difference to the quality of care people receive. I remember my mum having some awful experiences with fillings and drills hitting nerves in her teeth but she told me the other day that she now no longer has any of the old metal kind and that the process of replacing them had almost been a pleasant experience as it was just that quick and easy for the dentist to do. Apparently a filling that would have taken 20 minutes just to drill out 15 years ago can now be drilled out and replaced in 10. This makes me feel a little more comfortable. I feel much more at home with geeks and it appears that dentists are just one big brotherhood of geeks- how's that for a slogan? "Dentistry- the kingdom of the geek"

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