Friday, 29 August 2008


Oooh- we got Ryan Adams tickets! Yay! Only found out that he was doing a pre-xmas tour this morning about twenty minutes before they went on sale and despite the fact that tickets are £25 each(!!!!!!!!!) and you have to pay £7.50 worth of charges on top of this (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) we still bought 2. The husband and I have only been to see Ryan once before despite having had two lots of tickets for different gigs. We missed the first one because he fell off of the stage and broke his wrist and I have to say that the second gig wasn't great. We had to go to Birmingham to see him which was bad enough ;) but there was other stuff as well- they started with three songs no-one knew, nobody could figure out which one was Ryan as he was standing off to one side of the stage with his head down and his hair all over his face and by the end of the gig the crowd was getting really restless and kept asking him to play stuff that they knew- so he got in a huff and left early. Not the world's most amazing performance by a long chalk. This gig is billed as being The Cardinals featuring Ryan Adams so I'm not sure what we are going to get. He may only do a few songs or it might be just a ton of stuff we know. The problem is that this will probably be the last chance- as much as I love Ryan and The Cardinals £57 is a lot of money for two tickets and that doesn't include the cost of the petrol, food or the inevitable t-shirt that I will be forced to buy. All in it will easily be over £100 and we just can't afford that kind of money. So the gig really needs to be AMAZING for me to want to go again which is really kind of sad as I love his music and pretty much all of his albums. I really like the stuff with the Cardinals too. Fingers and toes crossed hey? And maybe the old adage of 'third time lucky' will come into play.

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