Monday, 11 August 2008

Olympic knit

To herald my return to full time knitting I have come up with a plan. Before explaining the plan however can I first just gloat about how wonderful it is to be able to get back to knitting again. I was forced to pick up needles in order to get my swatches for my knitting course done and since then have not looked back. It's as though the flood gates have opened- all I want to do is knit knit knit. All I think about is knitting and patterns and patterns and knitting. I feel so invigorated and enthusiastic that I'm just itching to get home so that I can pick up my needles again. Yay! I'm so happy!
Ahem, so on to the plan. One of my friends asked me on Friday if I was doing an Olympic jumper. This is a concept that I have vaguely heard about but hadn't really given much thought to. The idea stuck in my brain, however I didn't think that I was going to bother. I mean, the Olympics had started and I hadn't even got a pattern let alone sorted out yarn or needles. So I just kinda forgot about it until the next day when I got home after my course. I had decided to go home and work through a pattern, subbing the yarn needed for one I had in my stash so that I could practice the math and get it stuck firmly in my brain. I had a rummage and came up with some chunky wool and a simple slash neck sweater pattern that I thought would do for starters. I had great fun practicing my new found skills and although I had only intended to go as far as knitting the swatch so I could use the tension in my calculations I got a bit carried away in my enthusiasm after my recent return to knitting.
I am now knitting an Olympic sweater after getting half way through the back panel piece already. The idea is to have completed a sweater within the time period of the Olympic games- so 17 days. We are now into the third day and I am feeling wildly optimistic about getting mine done. I'm too late to join in any of the Ravelry groups on this but I will keep you updated on progress and have even gone so far as to add an progress bar in on the left so keep you eye on it!

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