Monday, 11 August 2008

I LOVE Ravelry

I just found the best group ever on Ravelry. It's for all Red Sox fans who are also passionate about their knitting so it'll be great to meet a few people who love to mix the two things as well. The group page has loads of great features such as links to Sox patterns, game threads that you can comment on whilst watching, trade watching etc but by far and away the best thing is the thread for Butt Watch 2008. Which, you've guessed it, basically involves lots of posts about watching Red Sox players butts. Mmmmmmm.
Someone pass me a towel, I appear to have drooled on myself.
I haven't stopped giggling since I came across it this morning and it really has just cheered me up no end. After failing to find a Ravelry group for entomologists I was a bit down on the whole group thing but this has just picked me up no end!

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