Friday, 8 August 2008

I can knit again

Have been unable to knit for the last month or so because of a bad arm (my RSI was giving me gip). I think I had gotten to the point where I was scared of starting again in case it made my arm hurt once more- sometimes these kind of thoughts just get lodged in one's brain no matter how irrational they are. Well, I'm doing part 2 of my knitting course tomorrow (can you believe that I nearly forgot all about it?) and have been forced to get back onto the old needles and do my homework. I was supposed to have spent the intervening months between part 1 and part 2 of the course doing lots of swatches and figuring out important things for my pattern, but as with all homework, it doesn't matter how interested you are in it, you always leave it until the last minute. So I have been swatching like crazy for the last three days in an attempt to make it look like I didn't just forget all about it. Of course, the more I swatch the more I realise that I really, really, should have thought about this before as more ideas keep pouring into my head as I am forced to think through the mechanics. Luckily I hit upon something good with my first swatch so I don't feel everything is a disaster. I should have finished enough stuff by tomorrow for all to be okay and although I will have changed some of my original design I think that it will only benefit from this. In fact, it's going to look pimp.
My lift to Bristol arrives at 8 tomorrow morning which is a trifle early for a Saturday but by the time I have settled into the car I won't care. I'm already getting excited about visiting the shop. The course is being held at Get Knitted in Bristol which is just an amazing shop- all stores should be like this one is. It's just beautiful. I've only got a small budget so I can't go mad in store (as much as I might be tempted to) but it's just so nice being able to spend time there and feel the potential that the place holds. I have a mini list of products I want to buy- some sock needles and a particular ball of wool that I need to finish a project but I've also allowed a treat for myself. It's not allowed to cost any more than £10 which means that I will have to think very carefully about what I want. But then that's half the fun isn't it? I can spend hours browsing around trying to find just the right thing. Sock wool is probably going to make it pretty high on the list of desires I imagine as it always does, but it is the kind of store that you can find unusual things in so I'm not going to make my mind up just yet. Ooh, the more I think of it the more excited I am getting!

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