Friday, 29 August 2008

Garden update

Haven't written about this for a while so thought you might appreciate the update.
The Runner beans have run away with themselves and we now have tons and tons of them- and it looks like there's tons more to come!
The Tomatoes are thinking about things. We have a fair few small green tomatoes hanging around on the plants but they don't seem to be getting any bigger or turning red.
The Pumpkins are doing well- we have two, one of which is HUGE and still growing.
The Parsnips are tall and leafy but not really putting down much root. I am going to thin them this weekend to see if that helps.
The Carrots are a mixed bunch- they are relatively small but oh so tasty...mmmmm, carrot.
The Onions/Leeks are small and useless. I am hoping that by telling them off a bit at the weekend this will get them to buck up their ideas.
The squash as still too small to be able to tell whether they are any good or not but at the moment I am am just pleased that they have grown.
The Sweetcorn have cobs on and despite the fact that they are very short seem to be doing okay. I have no idea when to harvest them however.
The Rhubarb and Tree Spinach still need planting out so will be ready for next year rather than this.
The Cucumbers are coming on a treat. They are still smallish and spikey and a bit curly but I have high hopes for them.
The herbs need harvesting this weekend. I need to find some baggies to dry them out in- or I could just hang the bunches I guess but the kitchen is still not finished so I haven't really got anywhere to put them at the moment.
The sunflowers have been great and are now just starting to go over. We should get some massive seed heads off of them though which will keep the local birds fat and happy over the winter.

In summation I guess that all that can be said is that things aren't as big or as far along as I had hoped they would be. I think that this is partly because I didn't put them out soon enough- or bring them along in seed trays beforehand but also because we just haven't had great weather. A lot of the things that needed pollinating didn't get done because of the lack of bees- one reason my tomatoes are late I think.
The best bit though is that I have already starting planning for next year. I'm going to completely remodel the garden in order to make it more efficient. I think I might only have one pumpkin plant, I'll build a better trellis for the runner beans, plant the seeds out much earlier and bring them on in trays first, not bother with lettuce (or maybe only do one or two plants) as we don't really eat it and hack out the ropey old buddleia so that there is more room for veg.

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