Monday, 11 August 2008

Fenway is a murderous skank

Fenway ate a bird on Friday- the husband told me about it when I phoned to check in at lunchtime. It wasn't until I got home that I found the egg under the outside table that was leaking blood. Horrible animal had cleared out the entire nest. It's no wonder that he doesn't want to eat his cat food. I am now extremely grateful for the fact that the cats no longer rely on the litter tray.

The worst part of this however is that we forgot to clean the egg away- we had friends round on Friday so we just hid it out of the way in the garden before they noticed and then forgot about it. Fenway didn't forget about it though oh no! I found the murderous little skank eating the chick out of the egg yesterday afternoon. Eugh!!!!!! I had to quickly bundle it up in a plastic bag and launch it into the big wheelie bin out front. Poor little thing was almost ready to hatch as well. I have since decided that I am going to get an enormous bell to go round the cats neck. In fact I want one so big that he has to drag it behind him in the dirt.

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