Saturday, 16 August 2008


Hahah! Not only do I get to reference Jeff Tweedy (of Wilco fame) but I can cunningly link this in to my recent purchase of tweed yarn.
I have just been into Glasgow for the day to do a little mooching around the shops and catch up with a friend of ours. I had really wanted to visit K1 yarns- if only to cross them off of my list of wool boutiques but they are shut for two weeks over the summer holidays! Yes, that's right- SHUT!?! What on earth is that all about I hear you cry. How can a yarn store shut at any time? Well folks, I hate to break it to you but it seems that knitting just isn't such as big a thing as one might expect in Scotland. I went into the John Lewis in Glasgow today in order to get a shot of yarn-supplement (seeing as how all the others places had closed) and was presented with the usual line-up of yarns. Nothing jumped off of the shelves, the sock yarn choice was frankly just crap and I was stared at by tiny shop gnomes who obviously thought that I was far too young to know what I was doing and therefore should be pitied like the poor wretch that I am.

Grr, Grr.

This kinda infuriated as I'm sure you can tell so out of spite for the shop I only bought exactly what I had gone in for and avoided purchasing any of the scrummy looking alpaca yarn they had out. I shall go somewhere else and spend my money thank you very much.

P.S Tweeeeeeeeeeedy should be pronounced with the extra long vowel sound and at the highest note you are able to reach :)

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